The Foundation Au-Ro

We take responsibility so that others may take responsibility to give a future to the people in Romania

Since 1990 Barbara Schoefnagel has organized help for Romania from Austria under the motto “Austria pro Romania”.

All NGOs and state organizations willing to help were given information and other types of support to make their aid as effective as possible.
In that way also help from the Austrian Federal Government was organized by Mrs. Schoefnagel and her organization “Heimat für jeden” (A Home for Everyone).
Thus more than 400 newly founded small enterprises could be equipped with the needed machines, more than 100 physicians could open private clinics and medical offices, numerous schools, orphanages, old people’s homes, hospitals and other institutions received the necessary equipment.

The origins of this help go back to the 1970s, when Barbara Schoefnagel began to organize help after disasters like floods and earthquakes hit Romania; after 1978 she supported dissidents in the political underground.

Austria pro Romania emerged from emergency aid after the floods in 2005 and 2006 and was founded as a Romanian Foundation by the office of the attaché for social affairs (who Mrs. Schoefnagel was at that time) at the Austrian embassy in Bucharest.

Since then voluntary helpers have been working in flood emergency relief and in best practice projects to help the development especially of the very poor.

In addition, educational projects, cultural events and seminars have been organized.

Used but still functional hospital equipment, school furniture and office equipment have been brought from Austria to Transylvania; the importance of voluntary work has been raised to the people’s attention.